Ahh Valentine's Day... an entire day dedicated to nothing but those we love (and hopefully, vice versa).  In the midst of all the hype around romantic love, we like to remind ourselves that it is equally important to remember to love oneself - especially if that means we have an excuse to spoil ourselves with a little self-care. So what better way to indulge and treat your skin than to splash out on products made with organic, toxin-free ingredients?

You may already be feeling inspired to make a move towards cleaner living by the promise of a new year, so go ahead and take the opportunity to step up your green beauty game. When the products we use are made from harmful artificial ingredients, we place an unnecessary burden on our body’s detoxification processes and on the entire immune system, including the skin. Over time, the chemicals in these products can clog pores, destroy collagen — causing premature ageing, enter your blood stream and irritate the skin, potentially causing sensitivity, rashes, redness, itching or swelling.  If the thought of these chemicals staying in your body for several months or even years scares you as much as it scares us, then you probably need no further convincing to go organic.

Here are our recommendations for making the transition to toxin-free beauty without compromising efficacy:

Upgrade your cleansing experience

Switch to a milder, chemical-free cleanser which is kinder to your skin but still works effectively to remove makeup and melt away impurities. Earth Tu Face Palma Rosa + Aloe Face Wash is a balanced face wash which saponifies pure, organic plant oils to create a gently foaming wash. Healing petals of palmarosa and ylang regulate both oily and dry skin types, leaving the delicate scent of fresh flowers. Aloe and olive oil replenish and hydrate the face without drying.

Get a professional facial experience at home with a gentle granule-free exfoliant

Grown Alchemist Enzyme Facial Exfoliant: Papain & Amino Complex is especially formulated to even skin tone and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. This complex blend of fruit extracts noticeably hydrates facial skin while gently dissolving dead skin cell bonds resulting in enhanced cell renewal.

Protect your skin against premature ageing with organic broad-spectrum SPF

We love Coola’s Classic Face SPF 30 Unscented which is a beautifully lightweight, antioxidant-infused sunscreen – our perfect daily go-to for wearing under make-up. Organic Evening Primrose and Linseed Oils calm, tone, and hydrate stressed skin, Safflower provides lasting hydration while Organic Acai Oil, known for its visual anti-aging benefits, delivers abundant antioxidants. Your skin will be left soft and protected with no trace of a white cast or greasy sheen.

Opt for organic hair products that gently revitalize your follicles and skin cells with natural minerals, herbal extracts and oils

We can’t get enough of Rahua Classic Shampoo! This 100% organic and light-lather shampoo reveals and maintains healthy, bouncy and lustrous hair using a natural cleanser derived from coconut oil. Rahua oil molecules penetrate deep into the hair shaft, strengthening and fortifying weak, damaged strands while regenerating the scalp and hair follicles.

Enhance your lips’ natural beauty

Enhance your lips' natural beauty with ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15 in Kokomo. If you’re going to incorporate any organic products into your beauty routine, start with your lips – they’re the products you pretty much end up eating. ILIA’s Tinted Lip Conditioner is enriched with cocoa butter and olive fruit, sesame, and vitamin E oils to leave your lips super soft and hydrated in addition to protective SPF. This subtle soft nude flatters all shades. 


February 13, 2018 — admin
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