A message from the founders

Our Story

We’re Ayat and Amina, the founders of Powder Beauty

The story of Powder began for us when we each experienced skin challenges for the first time well into our adulthood. On one hand, growing up with perfect skin was a blessing for both of us. But that also meant we had no idea what to do next when that time finally came. These experiences completely changed the course of how we approached beauty and skincare, and ultimately led us to create Powder for all of you. Here’s how the stories go.

Ayat's Story

My skin went haywire after moving to the Middle East in my 20s.

So I did what any breakout newbie would do and opted straight for a super harsh yet widely popularized acne treatment. It literally ruined my skin. For years I continued using these aggressive products with nasty, drying ingredients—and my skin was only getting worse. That’s what led me to eventually seek a better approach to caring for my skin and embark on a journey of discovery.

… A journey which also turned me into a shopping addict. Once I learned all the shoulds and shouldn’ts, and became conscious enough to understand that “clean and gentle” doesn’t mean less effective, I started exploring brands and products all over the world, from Korean skincare to little-known indie brands that were doing something radically different. I was shipping products to the UAE by the case, wanting to try everything, leaving no stone unturned. I became a junkie in its truest form. It was only natural that I started sharing everything I had discovered with my friends. I wanted them to learn what I had, and try all the amazing products I had gotten my hands on. And that’s what brought Amina and I together.

Amina's Story

When I reached my 30s, I experienced hormonal issues that wreaked havoc on my skin.

I bounced from dermatologist to dermatologist, desperate to find a solution that would get my skin back in order—but nothing was working.

Ayat was an acquaintance of mine around the time she was bringing products from abroad and introducing them to friends. I was learning everything from scratch, so she helped educate me on skincare and ingredients, guiding me on which products to try. It was a total savior and I, too, became a junkie. For the two of us, turning this passion into something bigger seemed like a no-brainer.

Since embarking on the Powder journey, we’ve been obsessed with discovering the absolute best beauty and skincare products in the world.

We’re always on the lookout for better ingredients, cleaner alternatives, and beautiful design, and we champion those that are ethical, inclusive, and focused on sustainability. And because we’ve learned that clean, conscious beauty doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality or efficacy, we set out to share that with the world. Bringing them to you is what keeps our fire burning, and we hope you love every product as much as we do.