Summer 2022 is round the corner and we’ve collated the hottest beauty trends to get you in the loop! 
Source: Pinterest

Luscious Lips  

Soft, smooth and juicy... The ultimate accessory this summer is the perfect glossy pout and it requires a little more care than a standard lip gloss. Sun exposure, travel, dehydration and some cosmetic ingredients can often dry out your lips. By introducing a lip exfoliator 2-3 times a week to remove uneven texture and following up with a lip mask can keep lips smooth and hydrated. If your daytime lipsticks/gloss don’t already contain SPF, it’s a good idea to keep an SPF balm on hand to apply first and reapply as necessary throughout the day.   

Natural Dewy Skin  

The secret is to start from the base and build upwards for the ultimate long-lasting dewy look all day. Beginning with a balancing cleanser topped up with some Vitamin C powder for a gentle buffer and glow. Following with a hydrating antioxidant serum to penetrate the deep layers before applying a non-greasy brightening moisturiser. For additional antioxidant boost add a nutrient-dense face oil, making sure to top off with a broad spectrum SPF for the day time.  

Glazed Donut Makeup

Think Hailey Bieber and all things sweetly glazed... Glowing, plump with a sheen natural finish, it’s the ultimate no-makeup makeup look. The key to the glaze is to layer your no-makeup makeup in the right order. After fully prepping with skincare, we recommend starting with a silicone-free radiance priming serum followed by a natural-look skin tint for light coverage. For glazed cheek-bones look no further than a functional liquid highlighter and a soft-touch highlighting powder for a t-zone finish.

Pink, Pink, Pink! 

We’re talking Pink lips and cheeks but not just any pink! Think glossy strawberry hues and varied shades of rose. Pink is THE summer season colour! When going for a glossy sheen lip look with buildable colour go for a liquid lip balm or for a more natural gloss try out a tinted lip oil. For that semi-matt finish you want to make sure you have some hydration in there so opting for a tinted hydrating balm that has buildable colour is a great option. For the ultimate pink cheek you can go full matt with a pigmented cream-based colour or keep it glossy and sheen with a nourishing stick blush. 

The Ultimate Eyeliner 

We are talking all things winged and black. From experimental asymmetric shapes to the classic cat eye, black liner is back. While the smokey eye will always be hailed as an all-time favourite, Summer 2022 bringing back the flick. First step is the ultimate base, an eye primer to keep oils at bay followed by a nude eyeshadow to set the lid. When creating these beautiful summer eyeliner shapes sticking with a liquid eye liner is a must. Follow through with black as night mascara, keeping the eyelashes simple so the eyeliner can be the main attraction.  

Body boosters 

Summer bodies on the go! Whether it’s in the privacy of your own back garden or lounging on the beaches of Greece, smooth healthy skin is on the horizon. The perfect pairing of Jasmine scented body polish to exfoliate and anti-inflammatory hydrating antioxidant body wash to keep your skin well-fed. Topping it off up with the delectable scent of sandalwood body glow oil for glossy sealed in moisture to give you the ultimate glowing summer skin.