Our Standards

How do we choose which products make the cut? We have two simple but important criteria for how we stock Powder Beauty’s virtual shelves:


They’re insanely good products.

Powder is the pioneer of conscious beauty in the region. We select products made with consideration and with intent to make the world a better place, featuring formulations that are kinder to our bodies and made with more sustainable practices that are kinder to the planet.

While the term clean beauty is a now a common label, there isn’t a single regulatory body that defines what it means to be clean. So, to avoid confusing and ambiguous terminology, we choose to be specific about why we have individually selected each and every product instead. You’ll find this detailed in our handwritten descriptions, along with quick reference icons which describe each product’s unique attributes. You’ll also find a rich library of fun, trending and, most importantly, educational reads in The Powder Room Magazine, demystifying the world of beauty and wellness one article at a time. 

Ultimately, our aim is to build a welcoming, transparent space for discovery, and to empower you to shop based on your personal values, without compromising a thing.


They're obsession-worthy.

The best part? We only stock the good stuff. We’re committed to products and brands that embody the values of our conscious community but will only ever stock what’s truly worthy of a spot on our shelves and, more importantly, yours.

Our products are all killer, no filler. They don’t just tick a box; they raise the bar. We scour the far corners of the globe to find those indie gems and game-changers you’ll no longer be able to live without. Packed with the finest ingredients for max efficacy, usually in packaging you’ll be proud to display on your bathroom shelf, they’re designed to delight. In a word (or two!) they’re obsession-worthy. So, what are you waiting for? Shop now!