A good hair day - the kind when your hair feels glossy, radiant and just behaves exactly how you want - can skyrocket your self-confidence in the best way possible. Whilst no one can have great hair every single day (apart from maybe Beyonce) there are small changes you can make to how you currently care for your strands that do pay off big:

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1. Don't brush your hair when it's wet.

Seriously, your hair is very fragile when wet, so just don’t do it, as this is a sure-fire way to create breakage and split ends. If you must, comb instead of brush, and only do so after applying a leave-in conditioning product.

2. If you have wavy, curly or dehydrated hair, style with your fingers as much as possible

Unnecessary combing or brushing will just lead to unnecessary breakage. With some practice, you may find that you prefer your chic new hand-styled look anyway.

3. If you are investing in a hair conditioning product, why not consider a scalp treatment?

A healthy scalp is at the root (!) of solving any hair problems and is essential to shiny hair that's full of life, although it is often neglected, despite how much of an effort we may make to take care of our skin otherwise. Shampoos are formulated to wash your hair strands, however scalp treatments are designed to deep-cleanse and refresh the scalp. A scalp treatment is additionally a must if you frequently use dry shampoo, to prevent build-up, flaking and a dull appearance.

4. Be careful with towel-drying!

Rubbing your hair dry with a towel after showering creates frizz and damages the hair shaft as towel fibers tend to be too rough for our delicate strands. Instead, gently wrap your wet hair in an old cotton t-shirt - the softer fabric will minimize frizz and loss of shine.

5. Watch the water temperature

Treat your hair gently like a luxurious cashmere sweater - avoid washing in it water that’s too hot or washing it too frequently as it could be left dehydrated and stripped of its natural softness and shine.

6. Go easy on the shampoo

Avoid shampooing your hair every single time you shower as this could lead to lifeless, stripped hair and a scalp that gets greasy increasingly quickly. Dry shampoo is miraculous as long as you invest in a high-quality product which doesn’t leave too much build-up on your scalp. To make your fresh wash last longer, do apply shampoo twice - think of it as double-cleansing for your hair, particularly if you use styling products. This does actually make your wash last longer - just trust us and try it!

7. Blow-dry gently

When blow-drying, try to avoid using the highest heat setting and use the cold air setting for a finishing blast after you have finished styling as this will minimize frizz and fly-aways and make set your blow dry.

8. Be selective with your hair products

When it comes to hair products, try to use products formulated specifically for your hair type - it does make a difference! Also, in the same way you might switch up your make-up seasonally, for example using lighter products in the summer, consider switching your hair products up for the season - depending on your own personal styling and haircare habits.

9. Wake up with luscious locks

Do you struggle with morning hair? Don't we all! Before bed, tie your hair up in a loose topknot for bouncy root volume or in a braid for waves and texture the next day.

10. Consider investing in a silk pillowcase - it may be the best money you ever spend on your hair (and skin)!

Silk is smooth and contains sericin, which mirrors the protein structure of hair. This means that instead of the pillowcase fibers rubbing against your hair strands and causing frizz like those in cotton, it allows the hair to glide over, maintaining soft, sleek locks and minimizing split ends. Bonus: unlike cotton, satin silk will not absorb your night creams or natural moisture so your skin is also left soft and hydrated.
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