The first in our line-up of Meet-The-Founder lifestyle edits we asked RÓEN Beauty CEO and Co-Founder Tiffany Scott to answer.....  

Who are you:Tiffany Thurston Scott, Founder and CEO of Ròen Beauty! 

Daily Fashion Staple: I don't have a daily fashion staple, but I do wear my Stella McCartney Elyse Platform Sneakers often. They’re incredibly comfortable and stylish, and I always get compliments on them. 

Daily Beauty Staple: I can't live without the Shu Uemura eyelash curler. I have long lashes but they fall so easily and the only eyelash curler that works for me is the Shu Uemura. 

AM ritual: The first thing I do when I wake up is make myself a glass of warm lemon water. I’m not a morning person and lemon water helps wake me wake up and gets me going. It's also incredibly good for your system first thing in the morning, it’s detoxifying and is great for keeping your body alkaline which is good for so many things, your heart, liver, and hormonal balance.If I don’t have early a.m. calls, I like to get my workout in straight away. When I’m in LA it’s a hike or a yoga class and when I'm in Utah it’s out my back door for a hike or snow skiing. 

PM wind down: Warm bath andMeditation for 10 minutes.Something that helps you stay in a positive mindset:Deep Breathing...when I’m feeling overwhelmed, which occurs semi regularly running a company with so many moving parts. I do 4 deep breaths in and out. Breathing techniques have been proven to reset the mind and body and it is really helpful when I’m feeling stress and anxiety. 

A life changing realisation that you’ve had: I am a perfectionist and I have a tendency to want to get everything accomplished perfectly. Through Róen I have learned the value of patience and that creating innovative, high-performing products takes a lot of time. When I'm developing a product, it could take me 5 times going back and forth with the chemists and labs or it could take me more than 20 times and over a year which was the case with our Cake mascara. But it was worth the time, effort and patience because it won the coveted Glamour Award for Best Mascara and it was a good lesson for me to learn. 

What inspired you to start  RÓEN Beauty: The inspiration of Róen came from my obsession of luxe, glamorous beauty products, I'm a huge fan of many gorgeous, iconic brands. I also have a passion for health and wellness, that I developed growing up in Utah, where I was surrounded by beauty and nature and learned the importance of preserving the environment that surrounded me. When I moved to Los Angeles for my formal education, I fell in love with the glamour and beauty so prevalent in that culture and it inspired me to create a beauty line that was clean, luxe and glamorous, my favourite things!I had an "aha moment" that encouraged me to launch RÓEN after I kept getting irritations and styes in my eye and my dermatologist deducted it was the eye makeup I was using. This prompted me to research the actual ingredients in the makeup I was wearing and I was appalled to learn how harmful the ingredients were. I was putting these toxic ingredients near my eye and on my skin which really freaked me out. This moment was pivotal in my creation of the RÓEN. 

Advice to younger self: Nobody is perfect, embrace your imperfections, those can be the most interesting and beautiful part about yourself. 

Top three Instagram accounts: @gwynethpaltrow, I love her philosophy on life and clean beauty, @hungvanngo, he is an innovative incredible makeup artist, and @francismallmann, he is an inventive unique chef who is unlike any chef I have ever seen. 

Go-to stress remedy: Meditation and deep breathing. 

Skincare you can't live without: Ròen Elixir Restorative Face Oil; I’m constantly on the go and don’t have time for a long skincare routine. The Elixir Face Oil has all of the nutrients your skin needs built in to one product and has the benefit of giving your skin an outward glow. I put it on generously before I go to bed and in the morning after I shower, I mix it in to my favourite foundation and apply, it gives my skin the nutrients it craves and an instant radiant boost. 

Top three meals out: I’m a foodie, so I love my nights out. My favourite restaurants in LA are Wolfgang Pucks new restaurant Mirois, it’s really incredible Chinese Fusion and has fabulous rooftop views of LA and Giorgi Baldi which is an old school family Italian restaurant with amazing branzino and pastas. When I'm in Miami I love Stubborn Seed, it's run by Chef Jeremy Ford who studied under Jean-Georges, his food is a modern take on French cuisine and it is spectacular! 

Nadja Iman