Vacation season is in full swing! We are packing our bags and escaping the heat, and chances are, that’s what you’re planning too. There’s nothing quite as invigorating as a holiday, and sometimes it’s just what you need to clear your mind and restore your energy and focus. Achieving that bronzed, stylish-but-effortless holiday beauty look is not as easy as it appears on Instagram... here are five tips we have for making it a little easier.

Switch up your skincare routine

The change in season and in your environment is a great opportunity to review what you’re using and what might no longer be working for you, especially when it comes to those products you want to love, but can’t bear to admit don’t work for you This is a time to consider whether you really need oils in your routine, which could be sitting heavy on your skin amidst all the heat and humidity, or perhaps whether you really need to be using products with acids which increase photosensitivity. The summer is also a great time to incorporate Vitamin C into your skincare, as it helps fight sun damage (but is in no way a substitute for sunscreen). And add some extra hydration! Travel is dehydrating – flights, air-conditioning and you’re likely to be drinking less water than usual. Stop dehydration before it takes its toll and add a hyaluronic acid-based serum or a few sheet masks a week to keep your skin luminous and hydrated.

Fully commit to your SPF

Yes, you probably wear sunscreen. But are you topping it up frequently enough and are you using the right kind of sun protection for your skin type? Always read the label on your preferred sunscreen and note how much protection you can expect, or for how long. If you tend to forget, set an alarm on your phone or download an app! There are plenty of apps available, some of which are free, to help you stay healthy and protected. Sun exposure can undo all the hard work you’ve been doing at home to keep your skin healthy and free of hyperpigmentation. If you are picky about the kind of sunscreen you use, or if you prefer to use organic products or have sensitive skin, take back-ups or a large size of your favorites.

Keep the makeup light and natural

Give your skin a chance to breathe. Choose dewy and natural over heavy makeup, especially when it comes to your complexion. Even if your skin isn’t your idea of perfect, give yourself a mental break to be yourself – it gets progressively easier! Remember to cleanse thoroughly, even if you’re not wearing make-up on your complexion. Removing SPF residue is essential for keeping your skin bright and clear.

Watch your diet

Enjoy your vacation, go for it! But if you can, try to do it in moderation. Sugar and dehydration equals ageing. Drink water as often as you can remember, and consider carrying your own refillable glass bottle. Great for the environment, great for your health, great for your conscience.

Don’t forget your hair!

Your hair gets damaged in the sun too, especially when combined with salty seawater. Sun protection for your hair exists, use it! Either cover up with a hat or use a leave-in conditioner or spray with UV protection. Otherwise, a stylish (and suitcase friendly alternative is to wear a chic scarf twisted into a turban to protect your hair around the pool. Don’t forget to use a replenishing intensive treatment or mask every few days to keep your locks smooth and shiny. Bon voyage! 

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