As with most aspects of our lives, the condition of our skin and the problems we encounter come and go in phases. One distinct phase we remember is struggling with challenging and erratic breakouts and dryness (both!!) when moving to these sunny shores we now call home. Between the logistics of resettling, discovering a new city and all the socializing that starts to engulf your life, the last thing you want is to struggle with your skin. But, why?


We live in the desert. It is a very sunny place! Even in the winter, do not let the mild temperatures fool you – the sun is still up there, shining brightly upon us, keeping us warm and alive yet also causing UV damage. The important thing here is not to underestimate the value of sunscreen. Protecting your skin from sun damage is not an optional insurance policy for the future – it also has a more immediate impact on the tone and texture of your skin in the short term. Pigmentation, dark marks and acne scars are immediately darkened by sun exposure, and the skin’s texture will develop a dehydrated, dull appearance – not to mention accelerating the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.


New in town, living off sugary coffees and juggling a packed social calendar alongside what’s probably a new job and alternating between trips to the air-conditioned mall, beach and IKEA, all under the scorching sun, will leave you dehydrated. Double up on your water intake and add some hydrating products to your beauty routine, even if you consider yourself to have oily skin. Your skin might just be producing more oil, and more blemishes, because it is dehydrated. Sheet mask as often as you can!


See above – air conditioning might be a necessity, but it will leave you incredibly dehydrated, and your skin will suffer as a result. Do yourself a favor and leave the AC off when you can, and avoid sitting directly under the vent in the office. Invest in an air-purifying, humidifying plant such as an Areca Palm or a Peace Lily and settle it on your desk in the office or wherever you spend the majority of your day. Add a hyaluronic acid to your routine, se the most hydrating products your skin can tolerate and wear a sleeping mask as the final step of your final night-time routine.


As anyone who suffers from ‘deadline breakouts’ can attest, stress can wreak havoc on your skin. Your lifestyle choices and state of mind will reveal themselves on your face, one way or another. Whatever brings you peace of mind, be that exercise, yoga, prayer, travel or trips to the spa, ensure that you make time for it.

Failing to update your skincare routine

This one’s on you. You’re in a new climate and your wardrobe has likely adapted – so why shouldn’t your skincare? Be conscious and listen to your skin. Observe and update accordingly.

Hormonal changes

If you are experiencing breakouts around the chin and jawline, it is likely that these are hormonal. If you have made an effort to manage your lifestyle and skincare routine and are not seeing effective results, go to the doctor and have your hormone levels checked out. And welcome!