Hotter weather is here and we beg the question, is your body ready? With average of 10min spent on a facial skin-care routine, we can guarantee your body doesn’t get half that time! What’s important to know is that the skin on your body is just as vulnerable to internal and environment stressors as your face. That means it’s time to start paying attention. Whether you go limbs bare or cover up, these 3 tips are the gold standard for ensuring healthy, glowing and supple skin all over.   

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1. Exfoliation 

The secret to smooth skin is no secret at all, exfoliation is a must in any smooth-skin body routine. Just like the skin on your face, over exfoliation can disrupt the skin barrier and leave you with undesirably itchy and broken skin. Keeping an exfoliation routine 1-2 times a week is more than enough to shed those pesky dead skin cells and reveal supple new skin. Make sure to choose an exfoliant that is free from artificial fragrance/parfum, chemical additives and colours. Natural and botanical exfoliators can do wonders for the skin. View our range of natural body polishes and scrubs to keep your skin feeling and looking fresh here! 

2. Body Wash 

Probably the first and most important step in any all-over skin routine is the cleanse, your body is no exception! Body washes often contain harsh surfactants that will often dry out your skin and eventually break down the skin’s natural lipid barrier.. Hello dry, itchy and cracked skin! The reason this is an issue is that it leads to premature aging with long-term effects. It's good to know that clean skin doesn’t mean healthy skin! So put those harsh body washes aside and opt for a nourishing and hydrating body wash with natural mild surfactants to keep your skin barrier healthy and thriving. Check out Salt & Stone Antioxidant Body Wash for the ultimate luxury lather!

3. Body Cream or Body Oil 

Body creams have always been the go-to for daily moisturising, with countless brands out there it can tricky to choose the right one. While body creams can work wonders for skin topically, they don’t necessarily do the work down under. This is because they normally have a form of protective barrier element which can interfere with absorption into the multiple layers of epidermis. This is where body oils come in. High-quality body oils are packed full of rich ingredients that work below the surface layer of the skin to nourish, hydrate and repair. A superior body oil can work wonders all year round to keep your skin in peak condition. The best time to apply a body oil for optimal absorption is when the skin is moist so post shower is ideal. Shop our range of curated premium body oils here! 

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