Yasmin Al Mulla is an Emirati style icon, entrepreneur and creative driving force behind home-born contemporary ready-to-wear label YNM. A true humanitarian, Yasmin is a committed supporter of local UAE charities as well giving her time and proceeds from YNM to national goodwill initiatives. Yasmin is the epitome of the modern Emirati woman while remaining true to her culture and heritage, she has succeeded in bridging the gap between East and West. Representing the nation of the UAE, that embodies and has spearheaded empowerment and diversity for women in the region, Yasmin is truly inspiring and is setting a benchmark for other women in the process. 

Q: Yasmin, can we just say you are truly remarkable. You represent so much growth and diversity of women in the UAE. Tell us what drives you and what keeps this passion alive? 
A: Thank you so much for your kind words! My main three sources of motivation are divided into three categories, I owe it to all to my surrounding, community, and country! 
My biggest goal is to represent our beautiful UAE globally as I truly believe it’s the best way to pay back to my beloved country. 

Q: How do you see Emirati women represented now across the globe, do you feel the perspective has changed?  
A: No, to be very frank it’s not a new thing to witness the beautiful achievements of our incredible women. There have always been strong, independent, and successful Emirati women around us. 

Q: How have things changed over the years to create more independence and opportunities for Emirati women across different industries? 
A: As I just clarified, Emirati women have been pioneers in all fields ever since. We are privileged to grow up in a country where women are being supported and appreciated in all sectors, and industries. 
Today, we have Emirati Ambassadors, CEOs, Ministers, Entrepreneurs, and many other leading roles. They all represent our drive towards giving back, and they all take part in launching any new concept, sector or initiative. The UAE brings nothing but magnificent opportunities on daily bases. 

Q: What does it mean to you to be an Emirati woman in these current times?  
A: Being an Emirati woman means that you are strong, capable, worthy, and valuable in all forms. I am thankful for the priceless opportunities, overwhelming support, and perpetual privileges. 

Q: Where do you see the future of Emirati Women heading in the country and even the region? 
A: I am very proud of every single Emirati woman out there. They are all contributing in a way to represent this beautiful country in all sectors. I truly look forward to witnessing all her magnificent accomplishments — She is remarkable, extraordinary, and impressive today and forever 

Q: What is it about Emirati women that makes being cultural and modern look so seamless? 
A: The beauty that falls between cultural and modern looks is truly indescribable. From a personal perspective, I truly believe in connecting both elements to create your own style!  
And from a career side; my aim was and will always be to connect the beauty of my Emirati traditions with today’s mindset. Through my collaborations; my aim was and will always be to connect the beauty of the brands (brands we relate to, and grew up endorsing) to the legacy of the local community — Merging both cultures is a celebration by itself. 

Q: Lastly, you are stunning! Can you share your favourite beauty secrets with us? 
A: Thank you so much! Beauty starts within, as a long-term advocate of health and fitness I truly believe in “you are what you eat”! And I have maintained a plant bases, gluten, and refined-sugar-free diet for many years now, and that’s in addition to my workouts and strength training, yoga, and meditation. I do focus on nourishing, nutritious and wholesome food and I believe that consuming everything in moderation is key. In addition to the above, I am a huge skincare enthusiast, and huge wellness product lover! Read more, understand your needs, skin type, and body type. But to start correctly, drink lots of water, sleep 7+ hours a day, and never start your day without a proper sunscreen! 

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Nadja Iman