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We are all fully aware of the benefits of looking after your skin, and it’s safe to assume that we would all like to have healthy hair. To achieve that lust-worthy look for your locks, one must start with a healthy scalp.

Scalp care: the why

Poor scalp health can lead to visible signs including build-up, flaking, and irritation, and if not treated, over time, it can weaken and damage the hair follicle, which will then lead to breakage and unhealthy hair regrowth. This area of haircare is especially important if you are prone to coily hair which is dry: moisturising the scalp is key to keeping it healthy and promoting strong hair growth. An unhealthy scalp can occur due to many reasons, and unfortunately, most are impart due to our everyday routines. An overuse of products – such as dry shampoo – is one main culprit, as is washing your hair every day, as this strips the scalp of its natural oils and affects the pH level, leading to dryness and irritability. Other factors that can contribute include stress, pollution, and a poor diet. What can you look for if you think you might have an unhealthy scalp? Key signs can be… dryness, itchiness, excess sebum (oil), oiliness, flaking, inflammation, hair breakage, as well as slow hair regrowth or hair loss.

Scalp care: the how

“Scalp health definitely impacts hair health,” confirms Anabel Kingsley, trichologist at leading hair and scalp care brand PHILIP KINGSLEY. “Your scalp is a living tissue, a mini ecosystem of sorts, that supports your hair follicles and the hair that emerges from them. When the scalp is in good condition, strands are given a healthy base from which to grow.”

Just like skincare, your scalp care routine is affected by the type of hair you have. For example, if you have an overly oily scalp, you should opt for a more cleansing shampoo and lightweight conditioner. If you have a dry scalp, try a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. It is also important to eliminate any buildup of dirt, oil, and product with a clarifying shampoo. PHILLIP KINGSLEY is one of the latest brands to join our beauty roster at Powder, and they have many products that will start you off on your scalp care journey.

The Flaky/Itchy Scalp Shampoo is a great place to start, as the award winning product acts as an excellent treatment for dandruff, psoriasis and uncomfortable, itchy scalps in general. It’s formulated with ingredients which cleanse without irritation: aloe leaf, lauryl betaine and anti-microbial Piroctone Olamine. 

The Soothing Scalp Mask will provide immediate results and comfort, and is designed is to deliver visible root lift, scalp-conditioning moisture and a healthy-looking shine. The treatment blends cooling aloe vera with menthol and olive oil for a natural moisture boost which also works to reduce flaking and itching.

If you’re looking for a healthy lift in between washes, look to the Stimulating Scalp Toner. Not only does it affect the overall appearance and condition of your hair, it acts to keep the scalp hydrated, energised and flake-free, while reducing excess oil and protecting against bacterial overgrowth.

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