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It should come as no surprise that summer can take a toll on those delicate strands. While the memories of sun, sea and sand are slowly drifting, you may find your hair is lacking a little lustre. Both the salt from sea and chlorine from pool water can totally suck the life out of your hair, and let’s not forget constant UV exposure from the summer sun. These factors penetrate the hair strand and can leave you with brittle, dried out hair. Let’s look at them in more detail: 

Salt Water 

Sunny ocean dips, the sweet smell of salt lingering in the air and the soft sand between your toes. Picture perfect! Not to ruin the mood here but salt water is most likely one of the most nutrient stripping substances for the hair and skin. It literally strips moisture from the hair strand which, with constant exposure, can lead to splitting, breaking and even increased dandruff.


Pool days for life! Comfy sun loungers, pool cocktails and the occasional dip to keep you cool. Be wary as chlorine is one mother sucker for stripping the hair of natural oils which can leave your hair feeling dry and course. Since chlorine is a chemical substance, it very often can have a chemical reaction with your hair colour which is not ideal if you’ve spent time and money getting your summer colour just right.


Who doesn’t love the natural highlights from the summer sun, save us a trip to the salon any day! While sunshine is natural, it does contain immense levels of UV rays that damage the hair with long daily exposure, just as it does your skin. What the UV rays do over time is weaken the protein structure of your hair which makes it prone to dehydration, breakage and elasticity loss.   

So as you can see one or a combination of two or all over the summer period can really do a number on your hair. However, we’ve got the perfect solutions to get your hair feeling and looking on fleek! 

Ditch the heat 

Yes, yes we know, how could we possibly go without! Just think of it as taking your hair on a long vacation where it gets to relax and unwind with a zero-tech policy. Consistent heat exposure will only contribute to the vulnerability of your hair and also interrupt it’s recovery process. At Powder we are all about embracing natural beauty so go on, ditch the heat stylers and go wild, we dare you! 

Mask up 

Masking up is one serious golden nugget, on the hair of course not the face! A high quality, nourishing and reparative mask can do absolute wonders for bringing life back into those strands. Think of hair masks as a nutritious boost for the hair, like a gourmet meal but upping the game a little. While hair masks are recommended 1-2 a week, we suggest increasing it 2-3 times week for a short period of time to give your hair some extra love.  

Hair Oil 

One might think a hair oil can be counterproductive if you have oily scalp , but we promise you that once you hair oil you won’t go without! Regardless of whether you have an oily scalp or not, the strands of your hair can still be depleted and weakened. A high-quality daily hair oil, full of nutrients and hair-loving yumminess, should only be applied from the lower mid strand to tips of the hair where it needs extra attention, keeping away from the scalp.  

Some other techniques to consider are using a daily UV hair spray for constant protection, conditioning first before shampooing and then again after to lock in moisture, using a clarifying shampoo to remove build-up of products, eating a healthy omega-rich diet and taking a natural hair supplement to feed from the hair from the inside out.

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