The third in our line-up of Meet-The-Founder lifestyle edits we asked Holistic Silk Founder Joanna Weakley to answer.....   

Name: Joanna Weakley 

Profession: Director, Founder and Designer at Holistic Silk. 

Daily Fashion Staple: Trainers – they work with just about everything for everyday wear. 

Daily Beauty Staple: I always use a Frankincense facial mist.   

AM ritual: I get up as the sun rises and start with a hot lemon and water and a walk around the garden in the summer organising the day ahead in my mind.  Then it is swimming - I am obsessed!  Swimming lengths on weekday mornings is a must as it sets me up for the day and then outdoor swimming in the harbour or the Sea Pool at the weekend to soothe my soul.  

PM wind down: Chamomile tea religiously as soon as the school run is complete, it’s the perfect way to transition from work mode to home mode.  I also take a cup to bed with me, clutching my Holistic Silk Hot Water bottle and of course, a good book.  I avoid any screens for at least two hours before I go to bed and they are totally banned from the bedroom. 

Something that helps you stay in a positive mindset: My Favourite Fragrant oils always lift my mood when I need it and immersing myself in nature is essential.  Taking time out to walk and breathe in the fresh air usually works for me as well as a gonging session, whilst braving the elements.  But if I’m short of time, just ten minutes tending to the garden can totally change my mindset for the whole day. 

A life changing realisation that you’ve had:  You have just got to do it!  And some great advice I was given, that became an internal mantra back in the early days…. Just because it’s a no today, it doesn’t mean it will be a no tomorrow.  

What inspired you to start Holistic Silk: I was seeing so many stressed out, tense people around me who desperately needed to relax and sleep better.  Wanting to help them in a low-tech, gentle way I realised that I could combine my knowledge of traditional therapies and love of textiles to bring them some relief.  

Advice to younger self: There’s no such thing as a superior human being.  Believe in yourself and your values, do not be swayed by the herd and don’t try to fit in where you don’t want to. Live in the moment and enjoy your adult youth as it is when you will feel the most free!  

Top three Instagram accounts: To be honest I don’t look too much as I end up totally immersed and losing track of time! When I do, I never seem to have favourites, I mostly enjoy browsing through random feeds.   

Go-to stress remedy: Holistic Silk naturally! The Lavender Eye Pillow and now the new Face Pillow is the ultimate remedy.  Laying still with the weighted Eye Pillow or Face Pillow, stimulates your acupressure points, inducing relaxation and you quickly notice how the chatter of the mind slips away, so having just 10 mins with one of these products in the middle of the day can feel like you have had an hour's rest.   

Skincare you can't live without: If I had to choose just one product then it would have to be my REN Facial Oil, it’s the highlight of my skincare routine.  I never skip a cleanse and then a facial massage as I put on my serums and creams each night. But my frankincense facial mist is always a source of comfort where ever I go and keeps my skin hydrated at any time of the day.   

Top three meals out: That’s a hard one!  If I had to choose then it would be anything Ottolenghi style or treating myself to a meal at our local Seafood restaurant that serves up delicious local fayre.  But when I manage to get to a city, then it’s hard to beat a great Italian.   

Nadja Iman