With the wellness industry worth an estimated 4.5 trillion, it’s safe to say that investing in yourself has never been more important. In an over-saturated market, it can often feel over-stimulating and confusing, and sometimes pricey, to give yourself the gift of wellness. Thankfully there are plenty of ways you can achieve an optimal quality of wellness without the hefty price tag and doubt. We’ve narrowed down our top 3 methods of wellness just for you! 

Healthy Eating 

Our daily nutrition is top of the list for a reason. Feeding our body with nutrient-dense and nourishing wholefoods is amazing for our energy levels, hormones and overall health. While living in an on-demand society where food is ready at our door within 30min, it can be tempting to order at the touch of a button. However, takeaway food often contains pre-packaged ingredients, unhealthy oils and methods of cooking, as well as lower nutritional value while being more costly in the long run. While the ease and flexibility are there (and sometimes that’s a necessity), there is lots of fun and therapy involved in cooking for yourself. Eating healthily doesn’t have to be restrictive, there are plenty of delicious, easy wholefoods recipes to follow that can cater to all dietary requirements. We are loving Dubai-based fitness trainer Baraa El Sabbagh free recipe e-book full of indulgent wholesome healthy dishes! 


All forms of movement whether it’s dancing, cardio, pilates and especially walking, have scientifically proven benefits for both the body and mind. When we move our bodies through physical activity we stimulate the lymphatic system, which is our primary immune-fighting system that supports all other organs in their processes. Physical movement also releases endorphins, our happy hormones, and gives us a break in the day from work and tasks. A minute of movement is better than no movement at all! We are loving Shahad Nazer for her beautiful aesthetic and tips on Yoga as well as her meaningful affirmations. 

Rest and Digest 

With a world of information at our fingertips, it seems as if we are always on-the-go and overloading our brains with constant stimulation. Whether it's from work, social activities and especially technology, we just never seem to stop. This creates a flight or fight response in the body which eventually becomes our consistent state of being. While we may feel we have the capacity to tick all the boxes, often times more than not, we are just living in survival mode. The reason this is not a good thing is because out flight or fight response is only meant to be activated in a moment of danger or threat. This increases our adrenaline and gives us a false sense of energy. As our bodies work as a whole, then every other system in the body gets affected. Ways we can change this is by allowing and giving ourselves permission to slow down and be present  

Powder’s recommendations to implement this month - Take it easy, slow down and enjoy the process!