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Not wearing (enough) sun protection

We do tend to go on about sunscreen but that’s only because it is so important to keeping your skin in the best condition it can be in, and minimizing early signs of ageing, including fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Nothing sabotages your skincare more than over-exposure to UV rays but that doesn’t mean that you should only wear sun protection when you’re planning to spend a day outdoors. Even if you are going to be sitting in an office all day, skipping the sunscreen is not an option. Count up those minutes you spend in between your car, the office, yoga, lunch and any other errands you might run over the course of a regular day - they add up! So, find a light sunscreen you love and commit to wearing it daily as over the years, the rewards you reap in avoiding expensive corrective treatments later on will pay dividends.

Not washing your makeup brushes regularly

You may wash your face religiously but what about your makeup tools? If neglected, they become a bacteria magnet and transfer this bacteria to your skin every time you apply your make-up, leaving you vulnerable to breakouts and skin infections. This particularly applies to make-up sponges such as Beauty Blenders which tend to remain damp and particularly inviting to bacteria - these should be washed thoroughly after every use. You don’t even need a special cleanser to keep your tools clean, simply wash your brushes in your favorite cleanser with lukewarm water.

Not disinfecting your phone screen

Chances are, your phone touches everything. Even if you are obsessive about washing your hands, your phone is constantly coming into contact with environmental bacteria and when you answer a call, this bacteria transfers to your face and may leave you vulnerable to breakouts or worsen any acne you may already have. You can’t eliminate the spread of this bacteria entirely but regularly cleaning your phone with disinfectant wipes helps keep things clean and clear.

Not using the right products for your skin type

We get extremely excited by products that have glowing reviews and suffer from a serious lack of willpower when it comes to trying the latest in beauty trends, so we get it. Not using the right products for your skin type can, however, seriously sabotage your beauty routine. The key is to determine your skin type and requirements and to carefully observe how it reacts to different kinds of products. For example, oils are having a skincare moment these days, but may not be suitable for your skin if it gets congested and uncomfortable. Same goes for products with active ingredients - if a particular kind of product does not work for you, chances are it never will so accept it and move on - your skin will thank you.

Not reading the label

In the long-term, familiarizing yourself with the most common, key ingredients often used in skincare will save you time, (a lot of) money and potential heartache. Always read the label and research why that particular ingredient has been added to a formulation. The easiest way to make a start is by referring to Powder favorites CosDNA or SkinCarisma - which have large databases of common skincare and beauty ingredients. Their clever analyses tools allow you to paste the ingredients lists of your favorite products into the tool to produce an itemized list which explains each ingredient’s purpose in the formulation and their potential to trigger irritation and breakouts. Of course, your mileage may vary so these analyses should not be taken at face value, but will support your understanding of how skin care can work for you.