Aqua Ice Spoon Facial Massager

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The Aceology Aqua Ice Spoon Facial Massager, inspired by cryotherapy and skin icing techniques, instantly refreshes your skin. When chilled, these Ice Spoons calm and promote smoother and tighter-looking skin. Especially contoured for the eye area, they effectively reduce under-eye puffiness for a cool, calm complexion.

The principle of cryotherapy — contraction with cold — helps create a firmer appearance, particularly around your eyes. Additionally, massaging with the cold Ice Spoons not only offers a pleasant cooling sensation but also enhances absorption of your skincare products.

Most effective when used with your favourite skincare serums, we recommend using this ergonomically-designed tool post-removal of an Aceology face mask. The quality glass-made Ice Spoons, housed in a custom box, offer an immediate cooling effect and contribute to a visibly firmer complexion.
Why We Love This

Aceology's Aqua Ice Spoon Facial Massager, inspired by the principles of cryotherapy, is a refreshing addition to any skincare routine and perfect for groggy mornings when you need to erase any signs of the night before. These chilled tools help enhance skin's firmness, particularly around the eyes, while also reducing puffiness for a calmer, cooler complexion. The added bonus? They boost the absorption of your favorite serums, especially when used after one of Aceology's face masks.


About the Brand

Aceology proves you can make your skin happy even when you don’t have the time to go get a facial. This Australian beauty brand, inspired by Korean beauty trends and underpinned by scientific research, is a pioneer in delivering spa-worthy treatments at home, merging traditional techniques with cutting-edge skincare technology. Their philosophy revolves around creating fun and effective self-care rituals that consider the skin's complex biology. Specializing in face masks and beauty tools, and made with top-tier natural ingredients, Aceology products are also packaged in eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

How to Use

Maximum skin benefits are made possible by making the Ice Spoons very cold. Place them in the fridge (not freezer) or a bowl of ice for at least 10 minutes before using. You can use them at room temperature if you wish, however, the ‘skin icing’ effects will be limited.

Your Aceology Aqua Ice Spoon Facial Massager works most effectively after the removal of an Aceology mask, and helps massage the remaining mask serums into your skin. Glide the Ice Spoons over your face in slow, gentle movements, taking time to pause on your eye area and in areas that need a cooler, calmer feeling. Repeat each stroke slowly, 10 to 20 times. Use light to medium pressure except for your under-eye area, where the pressure should be very light.

Start on your forehead.

Glide the spoons outwards, from the center of your forehead towards your temples.

Move to your eyebrow bones.

Glide the spoons outwards, from the inner corners of your brow bones towards the outside ends of your brows. Press gently on your eyes for a few seconds if you wish.

Move to your under eyes.

Glide the tips of the spoons inwards, from the outer corners of your under eyes, inward towards your nose. Hold for a few seconds if you wish, then move back to the outer corners of your under eyes.

Move to your cheekbones.

Glide the spoons outwards, from under your cheeks (next to your nose) towards your ears. Hold and lift the cheeks for a few seconds if you wish.

Move to your mouth.

Glide the spoons outwards, from the corners of your mouth towards your ears. Massage in circles around your jawline if you wish.

Move to your chin.

Glide the spoons outwards, from the center of your chin (under your jawline) towards your ears.

Finish on your neck.

Glide the spoons downwards, from behind your ears, down your neck, towards your shoulders. To complete your massage with an extra soothing moment, gently press and release the spoons on closed eyes, repeating 5 to 10 times.

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