About Us

Insanely Good Beauty

Powder هو الوجهة الأولى والأكثر شمولاً في المنطقة لمنتجات في غاية الروعة ذات منطلق واعي ونظيف وهي تستحق التجربة فعلاً. يتم اختيار منتجاتنا يدويًا من جميع أنحاء العالم من قبل محبي التجميل الذين يرغبون في تثقيف وتمكين الجميع من التسوق بناءً على قيمهم الشخصية، دون المساومة على أي شيء.

A Playground for Discovery

Powder is an online destination for the most phenomenal, obsession worthy beauty, skincare and wellness brands from all over the world. We scour the far corners of the globe to find luxurious products from high performing indie gems and disruptive game-changers that work even better than their traditional counterparts—and we bring them right to the doorsteps of our Middle East customers. No more shipping from overseas, babes. We got you.

The Conscious Beauty OG

Powder is the pioneer of conscious beauty in the region. As the trusted guide for safe, sustainable, and transparent products that are kinder to both our bodies and to the environment, we meticulously vet every product and ingredient so you don’t have to. We’re committed to brands that embody the values of our conscious customers, but will only ever stock what’s truly worthy of a spot on our shelves and, more importantly, yours.

Industry Movers

Powder is more than just a place to shop; we’re championing a revolution for a cleaner, safer and more sustainable beauty space, one product at a time. We’re a trusted source of education, and a fierce advocate for complete transparency on ingredients and information. We empower our customers to go out into the world armed with information so they can make conscious choices that are right for them.