Let’s be honest: masking is the most fun part of any skincare routine. Sure, cleansing and moisturizing can sometimes be enjoyable, but nothing feels more like you’re really taking care of yourself than applying a mask. It’s also the step where you directly address your skincare needs with a treatment you can switch up regularly without overwhelming your skin.

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Sometimes, it almost feels like a good mask can solve any life problem (almost), so with that, here are five types of mask you need in your skincare arsenal:

1. Sheet masks

Suitable for: All skin types but especially for dry or dehydrated skin

Our favourite. We LOVE sheet masks. Why? They are easy to use, affordable, instantly make you feel relaxed, and can be genuinely effective in the short term, working to hydrate, heal and soothe stressed, dehydrated skin. They also come in a huge variety of ‘flavors’ if you’re looking for a targeted skincare experience. 

2. Clay/mud masks

Suitable for: oily, congested skin

Clay and mud masks can be an instant life-saver when used correctly. They can detoxify and balance oily skin, clearing pores as they refine and tighten, revealing a clearer, glowing complexion.  The trick with these masks is that less is more: never leave them on for longer that the instructions recommend, and never use them too often – maximum twice per week – or you risk compromising your moisture barrier in the process. For guaranteed glow, treat your skin to a sheet mask immediately after a mud mask. 

3. Bubble masks

Suitable for: dull, congested skin

These masks have become popular thanks to Instagram. These masks are formulated with oxygenating agents which are released as you apply the mask to your skin, creating a light foam. This foam helps deliver oxygen to the skin, which supports collagen production, while gently purifying pores without dehydrating. These masks are ideal for congested skin which isn’t too oily. 

4. Enzyme mask

Suitable for: all skin types, including sensitive skin

These clever masks are perfect for exfoliating sensitive skin or for those who don’t want to use leave-on chemical exfoliants. They rejuvenate and freshen the skin without those irritating granules often found in physical scrubs, usually using acidic fruit extracts to gently dissolve the bonds which hold dead skin cells to the skin. The result is brighter, smoother skin without the irritation.

5. Sleep masks

Suitable for: All skin types in need of a moisture boost

If you often wake-up with creased, dehydrated skin, a sleep mask might be what you need. These Korean skincare staples are specifically formulated for overnight use and are applied as the last step to your skincare routine on occasion – or as often as you like, depending on what condition your skin is in. They seal moisture into the skin and deliver targeted benefits but do not clog pores are they designed to be mild enough for overnight wear.
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