To say that much of our world has changed over the last few weeks is an understatement. From the transformation of traditional office life to our approach to health and wellness, it’s fair to say that 2020 has marked a turning point. As we spend more time indoors and online, our approach to beauty is likely to change as well. These are the post-pandemic beauty trends we’re expecting to see over the next year:

Skincare as wellness

Skincare has been having a moment and this is unlikely to change anytime soon. Awareness and innovation in the skincare world has soared in recent years and the pandemic has accelerated a general shift towards thinking of skincare as wellness. As we spend more time at home, we’re spending less time wearing make-up and more time indulging in our skincare routines as a source of comfort and much-needed self care.

Makeup refresh

As we focus more on our skincare routines, our makeup styles are shifting towards Zoom-ready simplicity. Gone are the days of contouring, cut creases and heavy highlighter. Instead, they are making way for a new wave of light coverage foundations and moisturisers that highlight our pampered complexions, hydrating lipsticks in your-lips-but-better nudes, and the occasional simple pop of fresh, bold colour. We are also predicting a comeback (and a major overhaul) for bronzers, which will reappear finely-milled, less orange and more illuminating than the glittering nineties and early noughties versions we had in our high-school makeup bags.

Clean beauty becomes a must

There’s nothing like a global pandemic to remind us just how important our physical and mental wellbeing are. As a result, we are becoming increasingly conscious of what our beauty products are made of. More and more, we are going to be looking for products formulated with clean ingredients, and can expect greater scrutiny around what clean really means. We will be reaching for products made with ingredients we can actually pronounce, and which are vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable.  

Beauty goes high-tech

The vacuum of salon treatments and facials has placed the spotlight on at-home facial devices which have never been more popular. From cleansing brushes to facial massage and light therapy, there is growing tech innovation in the beauty industry which makes these devices investment-worthy. This momentum is unlikely to stop, and with the hygiene of in-store testing being called into question, color cosmetics retailers are likely to quickly follow suit with AI-powered color and scent matching technologies.

Bolder hair choices

After months of social distancing and an assortment of DIY hair disasters, we are preparing for a cousin of the post-breakup cut, the post-pandemic cut, to make an appearance. Our overgrown roots and split ends will be making way for easy, low maintenance cuts and colour choices. We’re ready to venture out with a fresh, daring new look and less hair to hold us down.


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