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There has been no greater time for selfcare and wellbeing than in the last few of months. From food and supplements to the beauty products we slather onto our skin, everyone is paying attention.

When it comes to beauty, not all things non-toxic and clean have to rack up your beauty bill or be overly complicated. Luxuriously-formulated clean, vegan and cruelty-free products are more available and accessible than ever before. That said, it can be overwhelming when you are trying to make a start. Below we’re breaking down how you can take a few active steps towards to a clean beauty routine with our little selfcare luxuries. But remember to take your time, it doesn’t have to be a sprint to the finish line.  Slow and steady wins the race.

It all starts with a good cleanser

Remember our note about this not being a sprint? It’s a process. Once you have decided to switch to a clean routine, a good starting point are products you use daily such as your face wash.  The key to “perfect” skin is finding your ideal cleanser. For your products to work properly, you have to make sure you apply them to a clean face. We fully-advocate using a milder cleanser with a ‘cleaner’ list of ingredients suited  for your skin type.

Get a natural full body glow

If a clean body scrub isn’t already a part of your beauty routine, then you could be missing out on glowing skin from head to toe  Exfoliation is not just for your face and unless you remove that surface dead skin, your body moisturizer simply will not live up to its promise of hydrating your skin. By sloughing away the dead skin cells, freeing ingrown hairs, and unclogging pores, routine body exfoliation creates smoother, softer, and visibly plumper skin. 

One your lips and face will love you for!

Gone are the days when natural meant drab. Clean makeup has certainly come a long way and today’s players are creating products that are richly pigmented, apply beautifully, cater to a wide range of skin tones and wear as well as their more synthetic competitors.

Take care of your hair

What you put on your body will eventually circulate through your bloodstream. When it comes to shampoos, not only do you work them into your scalp but you end up with them all over your body in the shower.  There are so many harsh, harmful chemicals in most haircare products and these absorb very easily through the sensitive skin on your scalp. Treat it with love and nourish it with organic formulas which soothe and repair as they cleanse.