Gone are the days when being a conscious consumer meant waving a heart-breaking goodbye to all those chic, exciting and beautifully-packaged products your heart desires. Luxuriously-formulated organic, vegan and cruelty-free products are more available and accessible than ever before. However, it can still be overwhelming and expensive to make a full commitment to clean and green self-care. Here are our recommendations for making the transition to non-toxic beauty as easy as possible:

Start with your body!

If your objective to is to reduce the toxins being absorbed directly into your skin, consider that the majority of your skin is on your body, not your face! With that in mind, the fastest, easiest and most effective change you can make to reduce the toxins in your routine is through using organic body products.

… then your SPF

Regardless of where you stand when it comes to the debate on chemical sunscreen, we can all agree on one thing; in our climate here in the UAE, you need sun protection and you need it daily. Luckily, we now have access to skin-friendly broad-spectrum options to choose from! Try an organic mineral sunscreen on your face and body to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays while staying clean and responsible.

Focus on your lips

Think about it, you can’t fully avoid eating the products you wear on your lips (and all the artificial pigments and chemicals they’re usually made of). If you are going to invest in organic make-up or skincare, prioritise your lips.

Don’t obsess with your cleanse

Every chemical or product that touches your skin has an impact, to a lesser or greater extent but if you want to clean up your act but don’t want to hurt your wallet, focus on products which stay on your skin. This means prioritizing your moisturizer or serum over your cleanser. We fully-advocate using a milder cleanser with a ‘cleaner’ list of ingredients where possible but if you must choose, choose the products that don’t wash off.

Your scalp is still a part of your face (sort of)

There are so many harsh, harmful chemicals in most haircare products and these absorb very easily through the sensitive skin on your scalp. Treat it with love and nourish it with organic formulas which soothe and repair as they cleanse.