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For many of us, time has been the scarce and luxurious commodity that we simply don't have enough of. Between career and family commitments and trying to stay fit, healthy and informed, time often falls short. But in our new common reality of social distancing, the vast majority of us responsible adults who have the freedom to do so are doing our part and staying inside for the foreseeable future. Whether it's a blessing or a curse, these unusual circumstances have given us the opportunity to reflect on our lifestyles. If you are reading this, there is a chance that you are either a skincare newbie or a full-blown addict. Either way, there is no better time (or fewer excuses!) to start or improve on building the following good habits for your skin and health.

Getting your beauty sleep

We are constantly reminded about the importance of getting a good night’s rest however with our busy schedules this sometimes just doesn’t happen. There seems to be a million things that keep us from getting our solid eight hours (looking at you, Netflix) but now with more time at home, we hopefully have that chance. Not getting enough sleep can have detrimental effects on our skin and general health, not to mention compromising our immune systems. Besides feeling cranky, a lack of shut-eye can dehydrate the skin, lead to breakouts, and those dreaded dark circles. A good night’s sleep can also do wonders when it comes to slowing down the appearance of fine lines and loose skin, as sleep is necessary to maintain collagen and skin elasticity. 

Practicing skincare as a ritual

If you have never had the time to truly enjoy your morning and evening skincare regime, now is the time to do so. The truth is, even if you have the best skincare products in the world, if you are applying them incorrectly, you are essentially wasting your time and money. So start making the most out of your beloved (or neglected) products today. The rule of thumb is simple, apply your skincare from the thinnest to the thickest in consistency, and wait a couple of minutes in between for proper absorption. Following your favourite cleanser, apply your toner then serums and give them enough time to sink in. From there, you can proceed to your moisturisers and oils. 

Drinking enough water

We all know that drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day is essential for our health, but how many of us can sometimes go almost a full day before the dreaded realisation that we haven't had any water? So instead of trying to make up your 8 glasses close to bedtime, which is not ideal as it disturbs your sleep, make the conscious decision to sip throughout the day to stay hydrated. It's easier than ever when you're at home as you can monitor your intake.

Letting go of excuses not to exercise

Let the recent gym and park closures remind us how fortunate we are that we have access to workout instruction online anywhere, anytime, and it's time to take advantage of them! If you already workout regularly, it's more than likely that your gym is streaming workouts during this period, which you can keep up with in the comfort of your home.

Kicking picking to the curb

If you're a frequent picker, you don't need us to tell you to stop. But seriously, it's time to stop. Not only does picking damage your skin, slow down healing and leave unsightly red marks that take forever to fade, there's now the added risk that touching your face will expose you to potentially harmful germs. It's time to use this incentive to make a commitment to keeping your hands away from your face!

Making the most of masks

Nothing feels more like you’re really taking care of yourself than applying a mask. They are easy to use, affordable, instantly make you feel relaxed, and can be genuinely effective in the short term, working to hydrate, soothe and bestow the glow! However, being a multi-masker can take some practise and this is the perfect time. Once you get into the rhythm of masking, it becomes second nature, and you can be doing anything from cooking, cleaning, reading or watching TV.  You now can enjoy the experience in its full glory without scaring the delivery person.